There is nothing-no circumstance, no trouble, no-testing that can ever touch me until, first of all it has gone past God and past Christ right through to me. If it has come that far, it has come with a GREAT PURPOSE, which I may not understand at the moment. As I refuse to become panicky, as I lift my eyes up to Him and accept it as coming from the throne of God for some great purpose of blessing to my own heart, no sorrow will ever disturb me, no trial will ever disarm me, no circumstance will ever cause me to fret-for I shall rest in the joy of what my Lord is- that is the rest of VICTORY!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well Macie had her first project this week since she has started School. Our directions were to take the printed turkey provided by her teacher and decorate and personalize it. This was to be a family project, a time to be creative and really show in a tangible way what your family and lives respresent. We had so much fun with this project. I love that just through a a few pictures and glitz and glam you can actually see a gllimmer of who we are as a family. Our turkey had a pink tutu for ballet, a guitar, Bible, dog, soccer ball and lots of glitter and jewels.

I am very much a symbolic person which is why I write and use the simplest things in life as a lesson through my blog. What I have learned though is so often its difficult to find meaning behind something unless you have a visual in your face example. What I mean is that for Macie as a kid its hard for her to understand the depth and meaning behind things at times and in order for us to make it easier we have to break it down in a way that really unveils the meaning in a kid friendly tangible way. For the past 6 weeks or so we decided to do a "Blessing Tree" in our home. Each night as we sat down for dinner the three of us would take turns giving one thing we are thankful for. Macie would then place the tag with our blessing written on it and hang it from our blessing tree with a piece of string. Our blessings included, our home, heat, food, school, friends, prayer, our church, Boomer just to name a few. When we first started the tree it was a very bare empty looking tree but as our blessings were placed on the empty brances we started to see life and beauty in our tree. Its amazing to see how abundant the Lords blessings have been in our lives and the numerous big and small things that He does for us everyday. It has been a huge reminder for our family and a way for us to show Macie visually about how amazing Gods love for us is.

Each day God provides for each of us, whether it be our homes, food, financially, healthwise, relationships, or even just by answering a much needed prayer. Sometimes though we take for granted all that He does for us and its often hard for us understand the abundance of His blessings each day until we really reflect and place before us all the amazing things He places in our lives and we can see them overflowing on each of us. Thanksgiving has been more meaningful for me this year than any other I really believe. Its not because God has blessed me more this year than any other before I don't think but its merely because I am finally becoming aware of how much God really loves us and how blessed we truely are. The "Blessing Tree" has been a huge eye opener for us, its a way we can't miss all that God does for us.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week do you feel like you have really taken the time to become aware of all that God blesses you with everyday? It doesnt have to be just the big things in life but even in the simplest things He is there. I just encourage you to really be thankful this week, praise God the one whom all our blessings come. "Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; praise Him all creatures here below, I thank God this week for the way that He is always faithful in my life. Even when I think I know what I need or I think I have all the answers He is still true to what I need and what the best is for my life. I thank God for a husband who is my best friend, and a beautiful and intelligent daughter. I thank God for always sustaining me even in the difficult health journeys and I thank God for all the family and friends He has put in my path for a reason. I thank God for the journey that has brought me to this moment right now in life, the moment that has allowed me to be held in the midst of His embrace and loved more than I could ever want.
praise him above, ye heavenly host; praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost."

John 1:16 (AMP) "For out of His fullness (abundance) we have all received [all had a share and we were all supplied with] one grace after another and spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing and even favor upon favor and gift [heaped] upon gift."

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